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With so many wineries, farms and ranches embroidered into the Paso Robles landscape, and with two fishing ports nearby, it’s only natural that excellent Paso Robles restaurants would follow. Indeed, Paso Robles
is known throughout the region as the place to dine. From the artistry of local early California and Mediterranean cuisine to the family-friendly setting and fresh fare at eclectic bistros, variety is easy
to find in Paso Robles.


In fact, a short stroll around downtown reveals an abundance of restaurants specializing in Thai, French, Japanese, Mexican, East Indian and Chinese dishes. Renowned establishments specialize in elegant wine country cuisine and showcase the Central Coast’s flair for cooking a steak properly. Paso Robles is also rich in comfort food such as pizza, tacos, cowboy breakfasts, pub fare and pastries. You can even enjoy live music with a late-night meal.